Executive Chef Patrick Rafferty

Our Kitchen is directed by Executive Chef Patrick Rafferty who is also in charge of all foodservice at our restaurant Local 27101 located off Fourth Street in Downtown Winston-Salem. Chef Pat has over 15 years of experience in Local restaurants and recently worked for several years with Chef Thomas Keller, renowned for The French Laundry in Napa Valley, Bouchon in Beverly Hills and Per Si in New York City. Our Sous Chef, Jasmin Ysordia is a Le Cordon Bleu graduate and a former chef at Thomas Keller’s Bouchon French Bistro in Beverly Hills. Pat and Jasmin have worked with The Millennium Group for 3 years and we look forward to a long, creative journey with them.

Fine Dining and Casual Food Styles

Plated Dinners

Thematic Stations

Buffet Style

 Family Style

” The food served, which was first an hour cocktail party prior to a sit down dinner was delectable and so complimented by our guests. Honestly, it was the best I’ve eve had at a wedding reception: the reason is, it is made on site and served straight from stove to /oven to the table, piping hot and delicious. ”

“The food at the Millennium Center is beyond reproach. We have served/butlered cocktail hour appetizers, which elevated the feel/vibe of that hour. For dinner, we served a salad and shrimp and grits, then had a buffet for the main course. I cannot say enough how delicious this food was. Greg also kept our drinks and plates full throughout the night so that my groom and I were able to mingle and visit. ”

“We had an open bar, prime rib, chicken, eggplant rollatini, assorted artisan rolls, fresh salad with locally sourced ingredients like Strawberries… It was amazing. ”

“He puts 100% into everything he does. From the food tasting in his restaurant, where he and his wife served us like they were waiters and gave in depth descriptions of each and every appetizer, entree and side they served, to making sure we were all fully stocked with champagne and beer and soft drinks on the day of the wedding, every last detail was covered without me having to double check him or worry that he’d forget something. That is truly amazing and was such a relief. His staff on the day of the wedding gave top notch service that you’d expect at a 5 star restaurant/hotel. We actually had a waiter follow us outside while we were taking pictures to make sure that we weren’t being left out of the cocktail hour. The food was absolutely amazing. It was served on time, was fresh and all of our guests raved about it. We also had several attendees with food allergies and they were taken care of with no problems. I have had several friends comment that the Millennium Centers Shrimp and Grits are the best they’ve ever eaten. ”