How to Choose the Ideal Corporate Event Venue

Corporate events encompass a variety of functions, from board meetings to awards galas. Learn the factors of success for identifying the best space and needed services before you choose the ideal corporate event venue.

Know your corporate event

Corporate events can be one-day occasions in just one location or consist of multiple functions in a variety of spaces over several days. Here’s a good way to classify corporate events:


Appetizers are a must at corporate cocktail events.

Mixing business with pleasure: These corporate events include cocktail mixers, awards banquets, retirements parties and even nonprofit fundraising galas. The thing they all have in common is the need for adequate space to enjoy food and beverages as well as elbow room for any staging, band, DJ, or dance floor.

Getting down to business: Typically held during daytime and weekdays, board meetings and training sessions require a mix of spaces. You’ll need rooms that can be set up in a classroom style for breakout sessions and can accommodate a table design for a board of directors. Larger groups  will need a spot that can accommodate theater seating. Sometimes these events will include a breakfast or lunch, so space is needed for that as well, even if it’s just a nice display of drinks and snacks at the back of the classroom.

Trade shows, conference and exhibitions: Big, open floor plans are key, so you have flexibility in arranging booths and exhibits. You’ll also want to keep traffic flowing with a registration/reception area that doesn’t impede the main space. And don’t forget to look at the loading dock situation.

In addition to function space, you may also need a “green room” for entertainment or featured speakers. And you may want to offer some sort of hospitality there.

Need help figuring out the right seating arrangement for your event? Be sure to check out our blog!

Finding the right corporate event venue

Once you’ve determined the type of event(s) and a good approximation of attendance, start your venue search ASAP. Planning a successful corporate event takes time. It’s not uncommon to reserve space a year out from the event. 

The Chamber of Commerce and area’s DMO (Destination Marketing Organization) are good resources for finding out who else is holding a significant event when you’re looking at your calendar. If there’s a large public event that coincides with your plan, it may impact your options for a venue and guest accommodations if needed. These local organizations are also a good source for venue and vendor referrals.


Video screens provide everyone with a view at this non-profit luncheon at Millennium Center.

When choosing the ideal corporate event venue, keep this checklist in mind:

  • Capacity
  • Availability
  • Food and beverage capabilities
  • Sound system
  • Audio/video system
  • Access to staging, draping, tables, chairs, whatever is needed for the space and event
  • Easy access to transportation and accommodations for out of town attendees and guest speakers
  • Nearby parking

The ease of all-inclusive event planning

As a corporate event planner, there are never enough hours in the day. And live events have many moving pieces. Ideally, try to find a venue that can offer more than just a blank space. In-house food and beverage, along with tables, chairs, and service ware will save you time and keep your event on budget. Look for a venue that can accommodate your audio/visual needs either in-house or through a close partnership with professionals. The same is also true for lighting as well as pipe and drape.

Fashion-show-or-other event-space-at-Millennium

With Millennium’s open floor plan, any corporate event is possible.

The Millennium Event Center houses three floors of unique venue space in the heart of downtown Winston-Salem. And while we’re known for our amazing weddings, Millennium also plays hosts to some of the area’s largest and most distinguished corporate and nonprofit events.

By combining the Grand Lobby and Millennium Ballroom, we can accommodate up to 1500. The upstairs rooms are ideal for board meetings and classrooms. And the lower level is perfect for meet and greets. Learn more details about our spaces and take a virtual tour.

Millennium is your one-stop shop for corporate event planning. You’ll find 5-star food and beverages for any occasion, along with everything you need for a successful affair. And we’re surrounded by a wide selection of downtown hotels. To check availability and to schedule your tour and consultation, contact us today.

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